Freitag, 27. November 2009

About this blog

I discovered GWT just a few months ago. "Cool stuff" I thought and pretty easy to learn, too since all the programming is done in Java. Well - I quickly realized that GWT is getting rather complex as soon as you develop an application a little more advanced than "Hello World".

There are many reasons for that. One is surely that GWT is under constant development. There is almost no literature available that covers the current version (2.0 RC1 has just been released by the time I write this). And the documentation is often outdated. What makes things worse: for a casual Java user like me it frequently took quite long to comprehend the often very sophisticated example code provided.

Sometimes I needed a couple of hours just to find out how a piece of code or a specific technology worked. With the right advice I would have understood it right away.

In this blog I will publish my personal notes which were created in the course of me learning GWT. I hope it's of any use to you and will save you some time.

Live long and prosper!

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