Montag, 16. April 2012

Library for making charts

For a new project I need a library for making charts. Boss says: "no flash", so products like Open Flash Chart can not be used. Google Visualization API is also not possible. So my choices seem to be the following:
  • Clientside GChart seems to have stopped development for more than a year.
  • gflot is - well - too much "plot"-like for what I need.
  • GWT Highcharts is probably ok for my purpose and looks as if it was relatively easy to use. Good, since I don't want to spent three days digging into a charts api.
  • ExtGWT is based on flash
  • Arcadiacharts seems to be ok for my purpose too. The charts look good and it also seems to be relatively easy to use.
I will try GWT Highcharts and Arcadiacharts and share my experience with you soon.